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It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve been able to call myself a Floridian (transplant) – well maybe a Philadelphloridian. A few years back, my family and I decided to relocate from Philly to Florida. It was literally 4 years in the making. After years of saying ”we’re moving to Florida,” we went silent about our plans in the final year because of all of the negative feedback we were getting. “Do you even know anybody down there?” “Don’t you need a job?” “You’re going to die from a hurricane (seriously).” With the stress of moving our family of four and all of the planning we had to do (including sell our house), it was better if we did it without the nay-sayers in our ears.

August 2, we left on our journey down the east coast to our new home with help from my dad and brother. My dad has been my life line for many years. My car would break down, dad and his trusty cape were there. Weird sound coming from the engine? Dad would fix it! What was I going to do without him? I felt so raw and exposed to a world without help.

As we were moving in, my neighbor, Thomas, across the street came over to introduce himself. “Anything you need, let me know.” This tends to be something nice people say because they know in reality, the person rarely takes them up on the offer. I later learned that Thomas wasn’t one of those people. He offered so much information about the state, our gated community and so much more. Soon, he was coming over weekly telling me he “has a guy” for this and that.

This is where I got the idea for “I Gotta Guy.” Statistics show about 1,000 people move to Florida per day. 1,000 people per day (in case you missed that). What if half of those people had no one here either? And not everyone is lucky enough to live across the street from Thomas, or someone like him. 

But Isn’t This Just Like Craigslist or Angie’s List?

Let’s say these two had a baby in Florida – that would be I Gotta Guy! With Angie’s list, the rated contractors are listed on the site for you to sift through. On Craigslist, you can post as either a contractor or client. Chances are, you’d be going to the contractors to see what they had to offer – not the other way around. With I Gotta Guy, solely focused on Florida for now, people will be able to post their needs on the site and contractors can come to them! They will be able to list the services they need and their budget for the project. There will be no open bidding, but clients will be able to choose which contractor they want to work with.

How Can I Determine If the Contractor is Good Enough to Work with?

At the end of the business transaction, both contractor and client will be able to leave each other ratings. While people decide if they will do business with a contractor based on ratings, a contractor can also decide if he/she will do business with a client based on past reviews.

What Will It Cost?

Memberships to the site are completely free, as well as posting jobs. If a client would like their job to stand out, a small fee will be required for featured postings. Also, if a contractor would like to stand out, they can purchase ad space on the site.

Do I Have to Pay for Services through I Gotta Guy?

No. Exchanging of payment is between the client and the contractor. I Gotta Guy is simply a site to connect the two – meaning IGG will not be liable for non-payment or other discrepancies between contractor and client.

After observation, I noticed that Floridians tend to hire people to do things, rather than do them for themselves. It was truly a land where people with a hustle could take advantage of multiple opportunities – including changing light bulbs in vaulted ceilings for the elderly. I started this idea to help the thousands of people that move to Florida every month, but also for those that live here and continue to look for contractors.

I hope that you believe in me, my vision and the purpose of this website enough to help me bring it to life. Any small donation helps and I am truly appreciative of those who have already contributed. I will not let you down!