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My morning ritual consists of hitting snooze the 3 times I allot myself, cracking my eyes open to my Bichon staring me in the face, happy that nothing ate us overnight, and scrolling through my emails. This morning, I had an email from PaperSpecs that began with “Introducing Digital Juice…” How could I not click on something that said “Digital Juice?” The email introduced a creative content service that was free for life – and not to mention it had some pretty flashy graphics that made me curious enough to follow the link. And this is my inspiration for Wishlist Wednesday…

So what is Digital Juice anyway?

Digital Juice - "It's like Netflix for creative content"Digital Juice is precisely how its tagline describes it – “like Netflix for creative content.” Depending on the tier purchased, as a lifetime member, you have access to stock photos (with and without transparency), high-res graphic backgrounds, textures and patterns, frames and borders, animations, animated backgrounds, wipes and transitions, overlays, stock footage, animated mattes, After Effects/Final Cut Pro/Sony Vegas Pro projects and templates, special FX, layered Photoshop files, drag and drop footage and more! With all of this at your fingertips, it cuts your average production time for each project drastically.

There’s an app for that!

Juicer AppJuicer, with all of its delicious content, made it easy for its users to access its content from almost anywhere. There is an app for your desktop for both Windows and iOS platforms, as well as for your iOS/Android phone or tablet. Let’s say you’re with a client, brainstorming ideas on your iPad. By clicking the cloud icon, you can download the content into the format you need and send it right to your computer! This is a brilliant addition to the membership benefits because making it accessible on the go is perfect for presentations.

New content added EVERY DAY

whatsnewNot only does Digital Juice offer you a plethora of content, but they update it and add new content daily! While cruise the site, I scrolled down to the “What’s New” section and I just kept scrolling. It seemed to never end – in fact, I got tired of scrolling!  There are so many categories to choose from and you can search by stores specific to your field of interest or zones that concentrate on a certain subject. I can only imagine how much the library grows if added to every day!

So how much will all of this amazing content run me?

Consider being a lifetime member and not having to deal with monthly or even yearly fees. As a designer, I see many monthly, quarterly and yearly fees for subscriptions and memberships. But to have unlimited access to such an amazing amount of creative content for Digital Juice’s membership fee seems so worth it. There’s an introductory price (that hopefully will be extended) that starts at a one-time fee of $249. I have not come across a membership this good in a long time!

Digital Juice Pricing


Watch the video below to learn more about getting started with Digital Juice, or go to their website to learn more about what they have to offer!