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Who is Tracey R. Jones?

My name is Tracey Jones and I have been a professional Graphic Designer for over 8 years. Once upon a time I graduated from Arcadia University with a BFA in Graphic Design. As the world of graphic design constantly changes, I noticed that I had to as well. So I returned to school – this time to the Art Institute for a Website Design Diploma. I noticed that much had changed since I had learned web design at Arcadia University.

I am in love with all art. As an illustrator, it was hard for me to choose a college major that I felt I could have a thriving career in. It was assumed that all artists were “starving” – unless you’re one of the deceased more famous artists. I would constantly hear that I would be famous growing up, but when you’re thrown in the pot with all of the others that would hear the same thing, that tends to fade into the background of the loud masses screaming for jobs. That’s why I adapt.

Art is not stagnant. It is ever-changing and constant. The world of design is a great example of that. I’ve worked with many professionals that do not know web design. In fact, when some of them started, it was still referred to as desktop publishing and text and images had to be pasted onto boards to submit to the printer. It’s very easy to be left behind – especially when you’ve been doing the same thing for years. My nose is constantly in books about print design and web design. I network with other professionals with skills different to my own, so that I may learn from them. One of the major ways to survive in this industry is to learn. Learn web design, learn new print design techniques, learn about recent releases in software and most importantly… learn everything.

I am forever a student of the design industry and what it has to offer. If I don’t know how to do something, I will learn how to do it. I am a motivated and talented designer that is always enthusiastic about the next project. Together, we can do great things.