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As a young Graphic Designer, ad design taught me so much about the print world – mostly the importance of hierarchy. What information is the most critical? Does the imagery convey the proper message? Does the ad communicate to the right audience? Are the proper colors being used? There are plenty more questions that make up the ad design process, but this is a pretty good start. Once the designer is comfortable mastering these rules, they can be pushed to the side to focus on attractive, eye-catching design, mixed with cleaver marketing tactics. The idea is to create something the reader will never forget, or want to share with others.

I was cruising the internet for websites dedicated to print and I came across this brilliant ad campaign by the Leo Burnett Agency in Paris, France. The campaign was to promote Jeep’s free-roaming ethos with the tagline “See whatever you want to see.” Below are examples of ads within the campaign that depicted various animals, that when flipped, became something completely different.

2014 Cannes Jeep Elephant Ad

2014 Cannes Jeep Swan Ad

2014 Cannes Jeep Deer Ad

2014 Cannes Jeep Seal Ad

2014 Cannes Jeep Giraffe Ad

2014 Cannes Jeep Penguin Ad