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Instagram is the perfect platform to display your work as an artist and gain inspiration from the many talented creatives that share some of the most amazing pieces from the depths of their imagination. By using #art, or any other specific tag you may be looking for, millions of results from artists all over the world are at your fingertips. I find myself scrolling in awe and it can be very hard to return to serving as a productive member of society. Here is a list of 15 Instagram artist accounts to follow and keep you from productivity:


1. @hum_art

Illustrated whiskey bottle


2. @giorgioart

Illustration of converse sneakers


3. @cheshirecloud

Digital art

4. @cnursey

Illustrated sneakers


5. @xxmmkoxx

Jennifer Lawrence illustration


6. @memoespino_art

Walter White illustration


7. @nestorcanavarro

robin Williams illustration

8. @nikkixart

Woman with water on her face


9. @unnabananart

Bob Marley illustration


10. @navasy

Little girl portrait


11. @c_bell_myers

African tribe member illustration


12. @joelrea

Wave painting

13. @abbinkowski_art

Steve jobs illustration


14. @gioacchinopassini

Painting a rose


15. @adelerenault

Elderly black woman